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From April 10, 2014 the system for obtaining visas at the point of entry to Turkey is being discontinued.

There is a new simplified on-line visa application system. Visas must be obtained prior to arrival in Turkey

The simple 3 step process is accessed here:

For those coming straight to Ararat and who have not covered our acclimatisation climbs of either Artos, Nemrut or Suphan we include in the programme one day for acclimatisation at altitude. There is no particular pattern to the occurrence of altitude sickness; some people get it and some people don’t and there seems to be no particular correlation amongst sufferers with regard to age, physical fitness or even in those with previous experience of high altitude. Once you cross the 3,000 metre point altitude sickness is a possibility. The symptoms of altitude sickness may include headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, increased respiratory depth or aching limbs; it is one of those areas where the guide’s judgement is final. If you want more detailed information about altitude sickness and how you might be able to ameliorate its affects please contact us for more detailed information or check: or

The best way to prevent altitude sickness is to ensure a good level of starting physical fitness, a steady pace on the mountain and regular intake of fluids along with high calorie foods.

To summarise:

  • If you begin to show symptoms of moderate altitude sickness, don’t go higher until symptoms decrease.
  • If symptoms increase, it will be necessary to go down straight away and continue descent until symptoms subside
  • Different people will acclimatise at different rates.
  • Stay properly hydrated. Acclimatisation is often accompanied by fluid loss, so you will need to drink lots of fluids to remain properly hydrated (at least four to six litres per day). Urine output should be copious and clear to pale yellow.
  • Maintain a steady pace and don’t overexert yourself when you first get up to altitude. Light activity during the day is better than sleep because respiration decreases during sleep, exacerbating the symptoms.
  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol and other depressant drugs which would include barbiturates, tranquillisers, sleeping pills and opiates such as di-hydrocodeine. These further decrease the respiratory drive during sleep resulting in a worsening of symptoms.
  • Eat a high calorie diet while at altitude.
  • Remember: Acclimatisation is inhibited by overexertion, dehydration, and alcohol
  • We supply all the major components of equipment you will need including tents, sleeping mats, crampons and cooking equipment. You need to ensure that you have good hardwearing footwear that will accommodate crampons (which we supply), base layers, waterproofs, jacket, hat, scarves, gloves, sunglasses, torch and walking poles. You will also require a good rehydration unit and a daypack. Please bring your own sleeping bag with you. If you are unable to do this we can supply a sleeping bag and many other items of equipment but we do require a good period of notice. It would be wise to bring a small personal supply of toilet paper, hand wipes and antibacterial hand gel.
  • You will only be required to carry what you will need for each day. All other items will be carried by pack horses and camps will be set up by our guides and their teams. All meals on the mountain are supplied.


While there is mountain rescue and several teams of capable volunteers on Ararat we do require you to obtain insurance to cover hospitalisation in the event of a serious accident or illness and for repatriation if necessary. We will need to see a copy of insurance papers prior to the start of an expedition covering any of the peaks on Alkans Tours/Eastern Turkey Tours itineraries so please bring all the details with you.


Services & Equipment Included:-

  • All accommodation (Hotel B&B, while on the mountain full board)
  • All guides (fully qualified)
  • Road transport (including airport transfers)
  • Full porterage
  • Tents (2 sharing) and sleeping mats (sleeping bags if required)
  • Crampons
  • All museum and site entries
  • Ararat Permit

Not included:
Personal expenses such as alcoholic beverages, telephone calls, snacks, laundry, tips etc.
Flights, unless specified within the tour description or agreed with us when booking.
Insurance: we must see proper insurance papers for appropriate policies prior to the start of the trek.

Personal Equipment:
Appropriate cold weather clothing: base layers, climbing/ trekking trousers, waterproofs, jacket, hat/cap/balaclava, scarf, gloves, good hiking/trekking socks, head lamp/torch, hiking/climbing boots that can accommodate crampons, walking poles toilet paper, hand wipes and antibacterial hand gel.

Please ensure that you bring with you any regular medication and at least one copy of your prescription. If you should lose or misplace your medication it is essential that you have a list of all your medicines in their generic form not by brand name; pharmacies in Turkey are very well stocked but pharmacists may be unfamiliar with brand names used in foreign countries. You may choose to bring medicines that help combat the effects of altitude sickness; Diamox is a well-known drug for this purpose but Tadalafil (Cialis) is very useful as well. Diamox (generic name Acetazolamide) was originally used for the treatment glaucoma and works by improving blood circulation including to peripheral blood vessels. In the context of altitude it seems to works by increasing the amount of alkali (bicarbonate) excreted in the urine, making the blood more acidic. Acidifying the blood helps drive the ventilation, which is the cornerstone of acclimatisation. Tadalafil an effective treatment for ED, seems to work in the same way. If you require detailed information please consult the websites listed above; please be advised that the medical information we have provided is for your general information only and we do recommend that you consult an appropriate medic. We cannot take any responsibility for the misuse or misinterpretation of medical advice included in this site. Please see the disclaimer below.
Personal medical kit

We would recommend that you carry with you, and this is true of any trip, a small personal medicine kit that includes in addition to your prescribed medication a supply of Paracetamol, an anti-inflammatory drug (such as Ibuprofen or Diclofenac – preferably in soluble form), Loperamide and a suitable rehydration salt such as Dioralyte, a selection of plasters and a good blister pack and some water sterilisation tablets.


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