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Ararat • Suphan • Nemrut Volcano • Artos 

Welcome to our dedicated mountain trekking website.We are based and resident in Van and we have an intimate knowledge of our region and its lakes, high pastures, valleys and mountains that no outsider can match. Being local we are best able to draw on the finest local resources, both physical and human, to ensure that your experiences trekking with us on any of the peaks and volcanoes around Lake Van and on Ararat will be unmatched. You can join any of our scheduled weekly departures for Ararat during the climbing season or we can arrange tailor made expeditions for groups with special concessionary rates.


Turkey is a country of mountains and high plateaus but the highlands and mountain areas of Eastern Turkey form a unique region of great beauty and stunning landscapes with Lake Van as its centrepiece. At 119 kms across at its widest point Lake Van is Turkey’s largest lake. It is one of the largest endorheic lakes in the world; eruptions from Mt Nemrut closed off the lakes outlet about 10,000 years ago.  Lake Van is at an elevation of 1653 metres and is ringed by a series of mountains that are the core of our trekking programmes. Beyond Lake Van to the north is the legendary Mt Ararat. Mt Ararat is an iconic mountain and is famous for being the traditionally acknowledged resting place of Noah’s Ark after the deluge, Ararat, and the region around it, has had a central part in the founding myths of several civilisations that are the root of our own modern civilisation being mentioned in the Book of Genesis, the Koran and the pre-Biblical Sumerian legend, the Epic of Gilgamesh..


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